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Do You Really Need Full Replacement Insurance on Your Current Building? The owners of a new company bought a building that was used to manufacture aircraft during World War II. The new owners were in the software development business and the building was larger than it needed, but the price was right. READ MORE >>

Don't Overlook Equipment Breakdown Insurance Imagine it's a typical July day somewhere in the southern U.S. You own a 30,000 square foot office building that is 85 percent occupied. And the air conditioning and ventilation systems stop working. The outside temperature is in the 90's and the humidity is high. READ MORE >>

Why Small Business Owners Need To Consider Insurance Carefully For many Americans, running a home business is a major part of achieving individual dreams. More than 50 percent of small business owners in the country have businesses that are based from home. READ MORE >>

No One is Immune: Why Your Business Needs Employee Dishonesty Insurance A credit union employee pockets $40,000 over three months as she restocks ATM's. The accounts receivable manager of a Georgia hair products distributor allegedly embezzles $2.5 million. READ MORE >>

The 10 Most Costly Property Damage Catastrophes in U.S. History Natural disasters, fires, explosions, terrorist incidents - these all cause horrendous loss of life and injuries. They also cause huge amounts of property damage, leaving the property owners to clean up the ruins, try to put their lives and businesses back together, and rebuild. READ MORE >>

Do I Need Terrorism Insurance For My Business? Terrorism insurance is provided by a public or private risk-sharing partnership. It gives the government and insurers the responsibility of sharing losses if there is a terrorist attack. This coverage is offered as a special add-on feature or endorsement to commercial property insurance. READ MORE >>

High-tech Safety Features Cost More To Insure Many people assume that safer cars always mean lower insurance rates. While this used to be true in the days of daytime running lights being a major safety innovation, many of today's advanced safety features do not lower premiums. READ MORE >>

 Storefront Crash Statistics Are Alarming Vehicles crash into storefronts about 60 times each day across the United States. Such incidents cause about 4,000 major injuries annually, and about 500 people die each year. These findings were reported by the Storefront Safety Council. READ MORE >>

Don't Wait For a Leak To Replace Your Roof It's one of the biggest and most costly mistakes homeowners make: They pay no mind to an aging roof until they see a leak from the inside. The problem: By the time water damage becomes visible from inside the home, there may already be extensive rot and mildew between the ceiling and roof. READ MORE >>

Your Jewelry and Other Valuables may not be Covered on your Homeowners Policy Homeowners insurance policies include personal property at a fixed amount based on the replacement cost of your home. However, coverage amounts may be limited for certain types of personal property. READ MORE >>

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