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Have a new Drone? Understand Your Liability Risks More and more American homes include a new addition: a drone. While these gadgets can be loads of fun to fly, they also come with responsibility and risk of property damage and bodily injury. And as people start flying drones, there will be accidents and injuries followed by claims and even lawsuits. READ MORE >>

Why You Can't Afford to Not Have Professional Liability Insurance At some point, most businesses are involved in some type of legal dispute, be it over an alleged physical or property damage to a third party or financial injury to a competitor, client or vendor. READ MORE >>

5 Insurance Hazards to Watch for this Spring While most Americans welcome the spring season with its warmer temperatures and sunnier days, seasoned homeowners know that it can also bring several problems. As the snow melts, the damage of winter weather is often revealed. READ MORE >>

Bike Safety Tips For Summer The number of people who commute to work by bicycle has risen about 60 percent since 2000. Although using a bike to travel to work is a good way to stay healthy, there are dangers associated with it. Bicyclists can make mistakes that cause them to crash into objects or fall. READ MORE >>

Tips for Driving Defensively During Deer Season Drivers across the country must take extra precautions on the road during deer mating season. Deer are more common in some parts of the country than others. They are often sighted near creeks, rivers, lakes and areas with trees. READ MORE >>

Filing a Hurricane Insurance Claim People are often left reeling from the terrible costs of hurricanes. Homes, businesses and vehicles will have been damaged or destroyed and, after ensuring the safety of your family, the next step is often filing your insurance claim.  READ MORE >>

What Drivers Need to Know about Points and Moving Violations In most systems, higher points are associated with rewards or something positive. However, they have negative connotations when they are associated with moving violations. After being ticketed for a moving violation in nearly any state, a driver receives points on his or her license. READ MORE >>

How to Take the Ultimate Home Inventory Would you be able to list everything that was damaged, destroyed or lost in your house or apartment if you had to file a claim with your insurance company? Trying to remember everything as you are dealing with the mental trauma of your abode being destroyed is not an easy task. READ MORE >>

How Insurance Will Pay for Loss of Use of Your Home Besides your loss of property, one of the main concerns you may have if your home has been damaged by a fire or other calamity is how to pay for your living expenses as you wait for it to be repaired. READ MORE >>

Force-Placed Insurance and What it Means for Homeowners? Mortgage lenders require borrowers to carry insurance on their properties. They do this so they will be repaid if fire, windstorm or some other disaster damages the property. If the borrower does not comply, the lender has the right to buy a policy and pass the cost on to the borrower. READ MORE >>

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