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Have a Prized Collection? It May Not Be Properly Insured If you're like most collectors, you've put time, money and effort into your endeavor, be that stamps, baseball cards, jewelry, fine art, wine or other collectibles. Your collection is probably valuable to you financially, and some pieces may also hold a sentimental value. READ MORE >>

Obeying Laws And Staying Safe In A Personal Watercraft A personal watercraft is about 10 feet in length and although this may seem small, a PWC comes with a large amount of responsibility. This small vessel has the horsepower of a large engine and the acceleration capabilities of a motorcycle. READ MORE >>

Getting a Trampoline? Understand the Risks and Your Liability As summer approaches, many families with children will buy trampolines or bring one out from winter storage so the kids and their friends - and maybe even parents - can bounce to their hearts' delight. READ MORE >>

Hiring a Contractor? Make Sure They're Insured When you hire contractors, electricians or other home repair specialists, you may shop around on price and go with the least expensive one. But if a contractor comes in with a bid that is much lower than the competition, it could mean they are cutt... READ MORE >>

Understanding Your Boat Insurance Policy If you have a boat or are considering buying one, you should understand your insurance obligations and what is permitted under your coverage. Owning a boat opens you up to a whole new set of liabilities, particularly property damage to a third party or physical injury to someone else. READ MORE >>

Homeowner's Policy Won't Cover Your Vacation Rental If you've been insuring your vacation rental with a standard homeowner's policy, it likely won't be enough to cover the various types of damage that are inherent when renting out property, like a guest accidentally breaking that $3,000 65-inch flat screen while playing catch in the living room. READ MORE >>

The Precautions You May Not Think of Before Vacation Going on vacation? Maybe you bought a trip to Bangkok or London, or perhaps you're doing a tour of Civil War sites in the South. While the chances of you being affected by violence on vacation are typically low, there are other risks that you... READ MORE >>

What Homeowners Need To Know About The Claims Payment Process When a claims adjuster inspects the damage to a home after an insurance claim is filed, the insurance company will offer a certain amount for the necessary repairs. It is important to remember that the first check form the insurance company is typically an advance payment and not the final check. READ MORE >>

Mitigation Reduces The Risk Of Fire Damages Home insurance provides some peace of mind and financial security for families. However, fire prevention should still be a priority. Fire-resistant features can provide discounts on home insurance and may help offset the costs of purchasing and installing them. READ MORE >>

As Disasters Increase in Scope and Cost, Revisit Your Homeowner's Coverage In 2017, the U.S. experienced one of the most disaster-filled years in history, with tens of thousands of people losing their homes and countless others temporarily displaced. READ MORE >>

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