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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes During the Winter Every winter, about 250,000 people find themselves with messes from pipes that freeze and burst. In addition to erupting and filling a room with water, a burst pipe can also cost a person thousands of dollars in damages. READ MORE >>

Multi-Line Discounts May Save You Hundreds of Dollars a Year Looking to save money on your insurance premiums every month? You should consider taking advantage of multi-line discounts.  Many insurance carriers offer significant discounts for customers who place multiple types of insurance with the same company. READ MORE >>

Be Proactive to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing As the temperature drops, pipes that are exposed to the cold are prone to freeze. This is especially true if they are located in unheated areas like basements, crawl spaces, attics and garages. Pipes that run along poorly insulated exterior walls can also be affected by the extremes in temperature. READ MORE >>

Water Damage Coverage Explained In some instances, water damage is covered by insurance. However, there are limitations. The best way to ensure that damages will be covered if they happen is to frequently inspect the home to find any problems that may be causing water damage. When Is Water Damage Covered? READ MORE >>

Apples to Oranges: Not All Auto Insurance Policies Are the Same When it comes to auto insurance policies, there are countless options on the market. However, not all policies are created equal. While you may be tempted to buy the insurance policy with the lowest price tag, this choice could end up costing you untold amounts of money in the long-run. READ MORE >>

Don't Be Left Hanging By an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver Despite mandatory liability insurance laws in 47 out of 50 states, the Insurance Research Council estimates the uninsured motorist rate at about 14 percent nationally and possibly as high as 30 percent in some states. READ MORE >>

Steps Homeowners Should take to Winterize their Homes and Prevent Insurance Claims When they prepare for the arrival of winter weather, most people think about things such as preparatory items for their cars. Many people do not think about preparing their homes for the winter. READ MORE >>

Boat Owners Can Stay Afloat with Proper Boat Insurance Winter storage, dock fees and general maintenance are just a few examples of expenses associated with boat ownership. While most people do not think about these costs before buying a boat, they quickly learn after making a purchase that they are necessary. READ MORE >>

How to File a Fire Insurance Claim: 14 Vital Tips During this time of crisis, when you've lost what is for most people their largest investment, you'll need to make sure that you get your claim paid fast so you can rebuild your life. Do's and Don'ts When Filing a Claim READ MORE >>

Beware of Parking Lot Hazards at the Holidays During the busy holiday season, there are many distractions that make parking lots a fairly dangerous place to be.  The combination of early sunset, increased traffic and pedestrians, scam artists, vandals and thieves, and people in a rush, can sometimes be a deadly combination. READ MORE >>

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