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Partners Insurance Agency Blog: 10_2017

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Key Considerations When Obtaining Builders' Risk Insurance Savvy contractors understand the key points of workers’ compensation, especially on controlling losses and managing the premiums. They are also likely familiar with commercial auto and general liability insurance, as construction contract issues tend to center around these coverages. READ MORE >>

Employees Driving Their Own Vehicles on the Job Are Your Liability Many business owners don't think twice when asking a worker to run to the office supply store, to the bank or run another errand for the company while on the clock. READ MORE >>

You Are Out Of Luck If They Don't Have Insurance When doing business with someone else, it is crucial to know whether that person is insured or not. Asking this question is very important. If a service worker such as a gardener, arborist or contractor does not have insurance and causes damage on a homeowner's property, the homeowner may be on the hook to pay for it. READ MORE >>

Questions to Consider Before Purchasing Commercial Auto Insurance One of the most important insurance decisions for businesses or people who use their vehicles for work these days is buying commercial auto insurance. Whether it is one or several vehicles being used, a person will have to purchase insurance for all of them. READ MORE >>

Liability Insurance: Hired and Non-Owned Auto Policies Provide Necessary Coverage Non-owned auto coverage and hired auto coverage both provide coverage for you and your business in the event an employee is involved in an accident while working on your clock. But the similarities stop here. READ MORE >>

Should I Use a Personal Automobile Policy for my Company Car? Automobile insurance covers the owner of the car, the driver of the car, and/or an insured driving a temporary vehicle. If the company owns the vehicle, the company needs to provide liability coverage for its risk of operating the vehicle on the road. READ MORE >>

Disability vs. Workers Compensation Many workers are unclear on the difference between disability insurance coverage and workers compensation insurance. Often, workers will decline optional disability insurance coverage, however badly needed - because they think they are covered under their employer's workers compensation plan. READ MORE >>

If You're a Professional, You Need Errors & Omissions Insurance A consultant recommends that a client purchase and implement software to automate certain manufacturing processes. An update to the software causes it to crash repeatedly, forcing the client to shut down its production lines for 10 days until a fix is available. READ MORE >>

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