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Partners Insurance Agency Blog: 10_2018

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Drone Liability a Serious Threat to Your Assets Some personal drone enthusiasts push the limits on how they use their drones, put people's lives in danger - and sometimes hamper public safety efforts during emergencies. The problem of individuals flying their drones into disaster areas surfaced in 2017 during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. READ MORE >>

More Firms Ban Smartphones at Work for Safety Reasons More and more employers are banning cell phones in the workplace because they are distracting enough to be a serious safety issue for workers. Most notably, General Motors has banned all employees, including its CEO, from walking around with their mobile phones while talking, texting or using other smartphone functions. READ MORE >>

Five Types of Claims That Spike in the Fall As the weather starts cooling down and the seasons change, new perils arise for everyone, particularly the risk of some types of auto accidents as well as potential homeowner's insurance claims.  READ MORE >>

Adult Children and Your Liability if They're Negligent If you have an adult child who you are still paying some expenses for, or they are studying in college (living either away from you or at home), you could still be held liable for any damage they cause through their own negligence. READ MORE >>

Toilet Failure Is A Leading Cause of Residential and Commercial Water Damage Leaky plumbing fixtures and burst pipes are common reasons for home and commercial water damage insurance claims every year. Some common issues with toilets can lead to serious water damage, and many plumbing problems are preventable with regular maintenance and a watchful eye. READ MORE >>

Vacant Buildings Pose Risks, Insurance Challenges According to the website, the average vacancy rate for offices nationwide in the second quarter of 2018 was 12.2%, while 12.1% of retail spaces and 7.8% of industrial spaces were vacant. READ MORE >>

Do You Need Workers' Comp Coverage for Family Members? One question we get often from small business owners is whether they have to secure workers' comp coverage for family members that work for them. The short answer is "yes," in most cases. READ MORE >>

Fifteen Warning Signs of Workers' Comp Fraud Workers' compensation fraud costs the insurance industry roughly $5 billion each year, according to estimates by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. And depending on whom you ask, fraud accounts for as much as 10% of the costs of all workers' comp claims. READ MORE >>

Why Your Firm May Need Professional Liability Coverage A majority of companies are leaving themselves exposed in one crucial area as they take on high-end professional services work.  As more companies' work is intangible, many firms are missing a critical element of protection for their professional services. READ MORE >>

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