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Partners Insurance Agency Blog: 3_2018

View the latest blog posts from Partners Insurance Agency.

Filing a Hurricane Insurance Claim People are often left reeling from the terrible costs of hurricanes. Homes, businesses and vehicles will have been damaged or destroyed and, after ensuring the safety of your family, the next step is often filing your insurance claim.  READ MORE >>

What Drivers Need to Know about Points and Moving Violations In most systems, higher points are associated with rewards or something positive. However, they have negative connotations when they are associated with moving violations. After being ticketed for a moving violation in nearly any state, a driver receives points on his or her license. READ MORE >>

How to Take the Ultimate Home Inventory Would you be able to list everything that was damaged, destroyed or lost in your house or apartment if you had to file a claim with your insurance company? Trying to remember everything as you are dealing with the mental trauma of your abode being destroyed is not an easy task. READ MORE >>

How Insurance Will Pay for Loss of Use of Your Home Besides your loss of property, one of the main concerns you may have if your home has been damaged by a fire or other calamity is how to pay for your living expenses as you wait for it to be repaired. READ MORE >>

Force-Placed Insurance and What it Means for Homeowners? Mortgage lenders require borrowers to carry insurance on their properties. They do this so they will be repaid if fire, windstorm or some other disaster damages the property. If the borrower does not comply, the lender has the right to buy a policy and pass the cost on to the borrower. READ MORE >>

Insuring Your Student Away at College Sending a child off to college is always an exciting and anxious time for parents. They worry about their child's safety, whether she has everything she needs, how she'll get along with her roommates, and whether she's ready for independent living. READ MORE >>

What Coverage Limits Do You Need for Homeowner's and Auto Insurance? Most people avoid thinking about scenarios that would cause an insurance claim - our homes damaged by fire or tornado, someone injured on our property, or family members hurt in an auto accident. READ MORE >>

Study Shows That Cell Phone Use Is Causing More Teen Car Crashes Statistics have long shown that young drivers have car accidents at higher rates than the older ones. Lack of experience, overconfidence, underestimation of risk, social pressure and risky behaviors are generally seen as the primary explanations for these results. READ MORE >>

What is Subrogation? You're stopped in traffic when another driver plows into you from behind. Your company is a contractor working on a renovation project. An employee of one of the other contractors bumps a ladder, sending one of your employees to the floor with broken bones. READ MORE >>

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