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Partners Insurance Agency Blog: 9_2017

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Are you Protected for Libel & Slander Under your Business Policy? What would you do if your business got SLAPPed? SLAPP stands for "strategic lawsuit against public participation." A business that gets SLAPPed has been sued for speaking out against or about a person or entity. READ MORE >>

Your Liability Every Time Someone Enters Your Facility One sure-fire way for a business to get sued is if a visitor - a customer, vendor or anyone else - injures themselves while on your premises.  While you may already do all you can to keep employees and customers safe, you are likely still exposed to being sued if someone injures themselves in one of your facilities. READ MORE >>

Tips for Filing Business Insurance Claims There are many issues that can cause major setbacks for businesses. Electrical fires can damage inventory and equipment as well as shut down a business temporarily. Customer injuries can lead to lawsuits, natural disasters can destroy property and burglaries can result in thousands of dollars of losses in equipment and valuables. READ MORE >>

What Small Business Owners Need to Know about Common and Costly Claims Research based on the Hartford's liability claims showed that about 40 percent of small businesses will likely experience a general liability claim or a property liability claim within the next 10 years. READ MORE >>

Do You Really Need Full Replacement Insurance on Your Current Building? The owners of a new company bought a building that was used to manufacture aircraft during World War II. The new owners were in the software development business and the building was larger than it needed, but the price was right. READ MORE >>

Don't Overlook Equipment Breakdown Insurance Imagine it's a typical July day somewhere in the southern U.S. You own a 30,000 square foot office building that is 85 percent occupied. And the air conditioning and ventilation systems stop working. The outside temperature is in the 90's and the humidity is high. READ MORE >>

Why Small Business Owners Need To Consider Insurance Carefully For many Americans, running a home business is a major part of achieving individual dreams. More than 50 percent of small business owners in the country have businesses that are based from home. READ MORE >>

No One is Immune: Why Your Business Needs Employee Dishonesty Insurance A credit union employee pockets $40,000 over three months as she restocks ATM's. The accounts receivable manager of a Georgia hair products distributor allegedly embezzles $2.5 million. READ MORE >>

The 10 Most Costly Property Damage Catastrophes in U.S. History Natural disasters, fires, explosions, terrorist incidents - these all cause horrendous loss of life and injuries. They also cause huge amounts of property damage, leaving the property owners to clean up the ruins, try to put their lives and businesses back together, and rebuild. READ MORE >>

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