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70% of Employers Use Social Media to Vet Applicants If your company is hiring, do not overlook the importance of vetting prospective employees through social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. A recent survey by CareerBuilder found that 70% of hiring managers in 2018 used Facebook or other social networking sites to research job candidates. READ MORE >>

The Difference Between a Binder and a Certificate of Insurance When you have business insurance policies you will often hear talk of your insurance binder and your certificate of insurance, but do you know the difference? A binder is a contract of insurance. READ MORE >>

Directors and Officers Insurance Vital for Nonprofit Organizations Nonprofits usually have a certain demographic that they serve. Often the allure of a nonprofit organization is that it attracts like-minded individuals that have a passion for the cause that the nonprofit works on. READ MORE >>

Getting your House Ready for Winter  The chill in the air tells you it's time to pull out the heavy clothes and brave the falling temperatures. That chill should also tell you it's time to perform a check of your home to ensure it can withstand the rigors of the upcoming winter. READ MORE >>

Where You Live Can Determine How Much You Pay For Homeowners Insurance Homeowners insurance protects against several causes of loss, but probably the most significant cause is fire. Once started, a fire can quickly destroy a home. A home's chances for surviving depend in large part on the quality of the fire protection services and resources available. READ MORE >>

Avoid Falling Victim to the Staged Car Crash Scam The staged car accident scam is growing as perpetrators are getting craftier about entrapping unsuspecting motorists. Scammers usually meticulously plan their staged car accidents, leaving nothing to chance. READ MORE >>

Had an Accident? Put Your Smart Phone to Use AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS happen every minute of the day. But according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), most people do not know what steps to take or what information to share - or not share - after an accident. READ MORE >>

Get an Early Start on Protecting Your Home This Fall Fall is here and it should be the time that you prepare your home for the arrival of winter and the harsh weather that it brings. If you're a homeowner, your to-do list for fall maintenance and upkeep can be long, depending on how well you keep up on repairs. READ MORE >>

Does Your Car Insurance Cover Collisions with Deer, Other Large Animals? One of the most unpleasant accidents for a motorist is hitting a deer or other wild animal or livestock. The times of year that motorists in areas with deer, moose or elk are most likely to collide with one of the creature... READ MORE >>

When An Insurance Company Wouldn't Sell Insurance Insurance companies are in business to sell insurance coverage. Most of the time, they actively sell new policies and additional coverage on existing ones. Sometimes, however, situations arise that cause them to declare a moratorium on selling new policies or coverage. READ MORE >>

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