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Personal Insurance will not Protect your Business Every year, millions of Americans start their own businesses. They come up with new ideas, buy some equipment, run advertisements, line up some customers, and they think they're all set. However, if they forget one extremely important item - insurance - they are far from ready. READ MORE >>

When Does Your Commercial Liability Insurance Company Have to Defend You in Court? Most insurance policies will provide some level of indemnity if you are financially harmed by something covered by the policy. That's the whole point of having insurance, right? But financial pain isn't the only kind of damage you may suffer. READ MORE >>

What is 'Additional Insured' Coverage? A common clause in an independent or subcontractor agreement is the requirement of an "additional insured" endorsement. A construction contract, especially when a subcontractor is performing for the general contractor, is an example of the type of arrangement that often requires this endorsement. READ MORE >>

  Why Every Contractor Should Require Workers' Comp Insurance Two construction workers died on the job every day in 2013, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. One out of every 25 construction workers got hurt on the job that year. READ MORE >>

Four Common Workers' Compensation Mistakes Most employers look at workers' compensation as just another necessary evil and unavoidable cost of doing business. It's usually one of those out of sight, out of mind things when rates are low. READ MORE >>

How to Retain Your Fleet Coverage As insurers continue tightening their underwriting for commercial auto insurance, they are inquiring about companies' fleet management programs. If a company lacks a program, some insurers are asking them to implement one if they want coverage. READ MORE >>

What Business Owners Need to Know about Terrorism Risk Insurance The Senate was praised by the Coalition to Insure Against Terrorism for approving an extension for seven years to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, which is also known as TRIA. Both houses worked hard to put a bill together quickly to send to the president's desk. READ MORE >>

Why Do Insureds Need D&O Insurance? Stories of wrongdoing and bad judgment by corporate managers have become familiar headlines. AIG's troubles almost brought down the world economy. General Motors was in such bad shape that the federal government took it over in order to save it. READ MORE >>

Load up on Liability Insurance to Stay in Business When purchasing liability insurance, business owners usually question how much insurance they need - how much is enough? The answer for one construction firm in Florida: At least $3.6 million. Late in 2006, two temporary construction workers were electrocuted while working on a Miami apartment building. READ MORE >>

Non-owned Auto Coverage and Why Every Business Policy Should Have It Even businesses that own fleets of autos sometimes use vehicles that do not belong to them. Often, a business asks an employee to run an errand or visit a customer or vendor using that employee's car. READ MORE >>

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